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Thank you for visiting the website of Dr. Greenberg, board certified dermatologist. We've created this website to inform you of your options for skincare as well as make it easy and convenient for you to learn about Dr. Joseph Greenberg and schedule a consultation.

Dr. Joseph Greenberg

  • Has the best Doctors and staff in the industry.
  • Has been selected by his peers as "One of the Best Doctors in America".
  • Is board certified in both dermatology and internal medicine (very uncommon), which helps him to better understand and treat almost all of your conditions and ailments.
  • Has seen more than 350,000 patients in the last 37 years so its very, very likely that Dr. Greenberg has treated whatever is troubling you. And can quickly and effectively identify your problem and plan a treatment regime. From acne to wrinkles...he does it all.
  • Is very skilled and compassionate. Not only was he one of the first dermatologists in the country using Collagen (he was one of the FDA study doctors) and Botox, but has been using lasers since the early 90s.

We invite you to see Dr. Greenberg or one of his highly experienced and specialized doctors to receive the best care possible.

Dr. Joseph Greenberg, Dr. Joseph Greenberg
750 Las Gallinas Ave. Suite 204, San Rafael, CA 94903
Call to Schedule Your Appointment Today: 415-472-3903
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